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Email-urile trimise de către IQ Security

Termeni și condiții email

Acest e-mail si orice documente atasate contin informatii de la si apartinand IQ SECURITY TEAM SRL si sunt adresate exclusiv destinatarului. Transmiterea acestui e-mail catre altcineva in afara destinatarului indicateste strict interzisa. In cazul in care numele dumneavoastra/adresa dumneavoastră de email nu este trecut la destinatar, sau in subiectul mesajului, este strict interzisa citirea e-mail-ului sau a atasamentelor acestuia, precum si utilizarea lor. Daca considerati ca ati primit acest e-mail din greseala, informati fara intarziere expeditorul si stergeti definitiv e-mailul, documentele atasate si orice copii ale acestora de pe toate driverele sau fisierele, distrugand totodata si printurile sale.

This email and any attached documents contain information from and belonging to IQ SECURITY TEAM SRL and areintended solely for the recipient. Sending this email to anyone other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited. If your name is not in the recipient field or in the message subject, reading or using the email or its attachments is strictly prohibited. If you believe you have received this email by mistake, please promptly inform the sender and permanently delete the e-mail, its attachments and any copies on all drivers or files, also destroying its prints.

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